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Review: Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover

I live this book.

And my review isn’t nearly going to do it justice


Colleen Hoover has officially become one of my favorite authors. OKAY. I decided that after reading her first book, SLAMMED – but I feel like now that I’ve read four books of hers – I can say it without feeling impulsive. With LOSING HOPE, she’s told a story that I didn’t even realize that I needed to read.


Dean freaking Holder. What a character! In Hopeless, we see him and I’m pretty sure everyone and their mothers fell in love with his character (in my case it was my grandmother) – but in LOSING HOPE, we really SEE him. You have to understand that LOSING HOPE isn’t just a retelling of Hopeless in the guys POV. It’s Holder’s story. Sure, those key moments from HOPELESS are incorporated into the story – but there’s so much more to it than that. We get to see how losing Hope when he was kid has affected him his whole life, how losing his sister has affected him, how he interacts with his best friend, and so many other aspects of his life that are crucial to understanding his character.


The best part about LOSING HOPE was that while I already knew everything that was going to happen from reading HOPELESS – it didn’t stop me from being shocked when they did happen. Experiencing everything though Holder’s eyes, was like experiencing it for the first time – but so much more emotional, or at least I thought so.


And then on top of all of the emotional feels with this book – it was so freaking cute! Seeing everything through Holder’s eyes was eye opening and you see that while it may have seemed as if he was indifferent during parts of HOPELESS, he really wasn’t. And oh my goodness – the birthday present!! Everyone who’s read HOPELESS just needs to read this, so I can freakout with them over the sweetness of this moment! AHH. It’s probably not as incredible as I think it is, but seriously.



Daniel, Breckin, and Les. All secondary characters to the story, but I loved them all so much. Daniel – is Holder’s hilarious best friend, Breckin is Sky’s best friend and Holder’s “second-best-friend, and Les – is Holder’s deceased twin sister. All of these characters added an extra something to this book, and in completely different ways than the other.


If you’re a fan of Colleen Hoover’s novels than this one is a MUST READ for you, and if you enjoyed Hopeless than I strongly advise buying a copy of this book because you may not think you need to hear Holder’s story – but you really do.