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Review: Past Perfect by Leila Sales

Past Perfect - Leila Sales

Very few things in life make me feel as if my time spent in APUSH (AP US History) was worth while. It was one of the hardest classes I’ve taken, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t complain about it still. A YEAR LATER. Yes, I have a problem and I’m working on it - but that’s beside the point. Very few things make me feel as if that time was well spent, and Past Perfect was one of them. Reading a book focused all around the reenactment of two of the most important wars (arguably) in American History made me feel very smart, and it what made this experience even better was the fact that this book was so good.

One of my favorite aspects of Past Perfect (and there were a lot) was how the plot focused on something unconventional and not typical at all! The turf war between two historical reenactment sites, and how the teenagers at each place have taken it upon themselves to make it known whose village is better. It was such an entertaining read, and the thing is. I can actually imagine this happening - because let’s face it. People are immature, and things like turf wars between historical reenactment groups result from that lack of maturity. But it was so funny, that I didn’t care about the ridiculousness of the situation.

Our main character, Chelsea, is someone I think we can all relate to. This whole book focused around her learning to move on and not focus on the past - which can be difficult when you’re whole life has been spent reenacting historical moments, but she did a really good job at growing as a person. 

Family and friends are two of the biggest parts of anyones life, and I think that they’re often the most underrepresented in young adult books. And that’s what I loved how they were perfectly incorporated into the story. There was Chelsea’s quirky and slightly adorable family, and then her best friend who she spent the summer rating ice cream flavors with. It was just all so relatable and I LOVED IT!

Then there was the romance! It wasn’t the main plot focus. It was actually on the back burner in retrospect to everything else that happened. However, it was just too cute not to mention. Dan is one of my new favorite book guys, and I’m really bummed out that I’m not getting to read more about him. His and Chelsea’s banter was really funny - and my sentences right now suck, but it was all just SO good. I’m working on a swoon alert post as we speak. So be prepared.

Past Perfect is the perfect (haha) book to read when you’re in the mood for something fun and lighthearted. It’s impossible not to laugh at the ridiculous antics that come from this cast of characters, impossible not to swoon when it comes to Dan and Chelseas’ relationship, and impossible to just not enjoy this book. OKAY. Impossible may be a bit of an overstatement, but I think you’re all getting where I’m going with this. Past Perfect was a GREAT READ.