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Review: Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

Chasing Brooklyn - Lisa Schroeder

Whenever I start to read a book written in verse, I have my doubts. What if the characters aren’t developed enough, what if the story sucks, what if it ends too soon for my liking, and my personal favorite what if it’s just a boring book. But then. When I’ve finished the book and properly thought about it, I wonder why I ever thought I wouldn’t like it.

Chasing Brooklyn is the story about Brooklyn, whose boyfriend, Lucca died the previous year. It’s safe to say that she’s nowhere near being over it, and to make matters worse - her and Lucca’s mutual friend - Gabe - has just died of a drug overdose. Things then being to get really crazy when Brooklyn starts to have terrifying nightmares featuring none other than Gabe. 

Although, Chasing Brooklyn, is the story of Brooklyn - it’s also the story of Nico. Lucca’s older brother. After Gabes death, Nico starts to have dreams featuring his deceased brother - all saying the same thing. Help Brooklyn.

This book was a really fast read, but in a good way. I was zooming through it because I had to know what was going to happen next. Where would Brooklyn and Nico’s relationship go - would they be more than friends. When would the haunting end. I just had to know everything! And then the writing. Oh my goodness. I’m not usually one for minimalist writing, but with this one I loved it. I loved how simple everything was, yet how powerful it was at the same time.

Chasing Brooklyn takes place in the same world as Lisa Schroeder's other book - I Heart You, You Haunt Me! It’s not something that’s blatantly pointed out, just something you’ll notice as you read the book.Well, if you’ve read her previous novel, that is. However, if you haven’t - it definitely won’t take from your reading experience.

If anyone is looking for a novel to introduce them to the style of verse writing, then this is the book for them. I won’t lie and say it’s the best I’ve read, but it’s definitely a very good one.