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Review: Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Forget You - Jennifer Echols

Jennifer Echols has slowly weaseled her way into being one of my favorite authors. She writes about things that are relevant to... young adults without venturing into the new adult genre. So many important topics were covered in Forget You - suicide, divorce, sex, familial problems. They’re all dealt with in this book.

The thing about the book is that it has a slow beginning. It seems like it might not be the best and it may even seem a bit cliche, but then it hits this point in the story, and everything becomes fast paced and interesting. Almost to the point of being addicting - in a good way! The book isn’t necessarily long, but it sucks you in and you’ll probably finish it in one or two sittings.

Zoey Commander wasn’t my favorite of characters in the beginning. She let people walk all over her, and she was a little too gullible for my taste, but as the story progressed so did her maturity and she actually became a character that I came to admire. And then there was Doug! AH. Another one of my favorite book guys from a Jennifer Echols book. I don’t want to say too much about him, but he was definitely an interesting character.

If you’re looking for a fantastic contemporary novel - than Forget You is the definitely the book for you. It’s got a hint of mystery, deals with relevant issues, and has a kind of awesome romantic sidestory.